Full Moon Gathering Festival for August

Le Chateau Pier & Luna Bleu Lounge welcomes you to our 5th Full Moon Gathering Festival of 2022, Happening August 12th & 13th- it’s coming up fast and we’re already almost out of b&b room accommodations so make plans now !! 🌝

It’s a whole weekend consisting of:
local artist vendor booths, 🎨
precious stone & herb sales, 💎
spiritual seminars, 💡
yoga, meditation, groundings exercises, 🙏🏼
full moon salutations, 🙌🏼
art therapy, 🎨
drum circles, 🥁
sound bath therapy, 🎼
tarot & psychic readings, 🔮
energy work and clearing specialists, ✨
reiki healing & massage therapy, 🌀
Full food and drink menu🍕🥂
Fire twirling displays 🔥

Mark your calendars for this years dates! April 15th & 16th, May 13th & 14th, June 17th & 18th, July 15th & 16th, August 12th & 13th, September 9th & 10th, October 7th & 8th, November 4th & 5th, and December 9th & 10th!

We aim to build a sense of community within this space and the people who frequent it monthly for this event- every time we come together to release that which no longer serves us under the full moon, we seem to be come back the next month feeling filled with that which does ❤️ it’s an awesome experience being able to come together in a community that recognizes and celebrates growth- and the balance. This is also an awesome time to collaborate and network with people who may be on a similar path of healing, aka- find your tribe!

CAMPING & ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS available! $20 a night to camp, $131 for a room!
Contact 740-219-0933 to book, make a reservation, order, or inquiries! Discounts for vendors.

Feel free to share and invite all your friends! Under the full moon, we step into our power! Instead of hiding from the intense energy La Luna produces..embrace it, become it, THRIVE in it- here, with us, at Le Chateau Pier & Luna Bleu Lounge! 💙

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